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Augustus 2010 - family Vanhee
The holiday spot is fantastic. On the site it's described as not a five star hotel, though, if you enter the rooms you think you are in the best bed and breakfast.
You have a particularly breathtaking view: amazing!
The pool is a must. There is enough furniture. The sail will keep you in the shade while dining. The hammock is wonderful.
There is enough to do even for more than 10 days.

August 2010 - family Bohez
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July 2010 - family Tas
Bulgaria ... We drove through different landscapes with beautiful natural colors. Serbia seduced us with its green power and beautiful wild bouquets. And then Bulgaria: horse and cart on the highway, which pits our car could drown, gypsy camps, ... But we were especially touched by the lush flower beds, and priceless views. The unprecedented diversity and friendliness of the Bulgarians found us right in the heart. An impoverished but proud people with an undeniable historical wealth that we can only dream about.
The holiday spot is a gem Velika Gledka: adapted to the needs of the discerning Belgian, but still fit perfectly in the Bulgarian environment. Everything is very neat and user friendly. To be honest, we just cooked and slept in the house because we had very good weather. The spacious terrace was our holiday. Always one with a moving painting of the valley which we were looking forward. Every minute of every day another thought a new look. Yellow sunflower fields, blue sky, a lightning that cleaves the sky, grazing horses and the neighbors all accompanied by a donkey braying, swirling music of a wedding in the village square, barking dogs and especially silence.
The house is in a very charming village where your worth to take daily to the shop to go. Every time you think you surprised that no shopkeeper nods when they say yes. You also need the beaten track (and square way house) dare leave the real village to explore. Wonderful. Every day, around the same time the guardian goats back from her day trip. Time and again a free show for our children
We especially enjoyed and immersed us in the Bulgarian environment. A full description of what we've done is impossible. One we can not you remember: Nicopolis ad Nestrum. Our travel book was no more than a sentence to the sanctuary (I can definitely say) dedicated. I quote: "In Roman times, an important supply point on the road between Constantinople and the Adriatic Sea." Wereldwijzer Bulgaria. We fear that we should not say that these authors have been in this place. We are definitely five times beyond the defined section and then drove to realize that we really that pitted strewn, flooded and almost overgrown path to take. Three times did give up but to achieve what we never saw before: a nearly intact Roman road where the ruts are clearly visible, magnificent remains of temples, tombs, sewers, houses, wells, ... We felt perfectly what life in the Roman town. We were alone, the sun colored the night sky red. We felt enchanted and bit and caught in this wonderful historic site. The spacious surroundings you see 'misplaced mountains in the landscape. Almost 100% sure that this burial mounds are. All this was one of the most impressive experiences we could have experience in travel area and talking to four people. The bad part is that you can see they are hard at work to dig everything up and keep but lack of money is the big spoilsport. This we learned later in the pub.
For the rest, we can recommend some excellent restaurants: one where we Zlatarica popular in 4 adults and 2 children for € 18 (!) Euro ate. Veliko we went to the upmarket "Hadji Nikoli Inn. a must. We ate there with us all for € 50, bottle of wine included. This restaurant is tasting very good wines. You can find this building in the old craft street.

04 juli 2010 - family Declercq-Wyffels
Our top 5 of this year
1: holiday resort: wake up to the sounds of nature, breakfast on the terrace, walking in the meadow, in the hammock with a good book, refreshing in the swimming pool, to shop in the village, healthy lunch, afternoon naps, ice cream licking, mountain bike tours, refreshments on the village square, drink and barbecue, sun set and moon rise, luminous fly trying to tackle ...
2: Valley of the Kings: Yahoo in Kazanlak, the pink city where you smell roses everywhere, driving along the Thracian tombs, the church on the edge, the UFO building in the mountains, the views
3: nature: swimming in the Danube near Ostrov, hiking at 2300m in Vitosha (Sofia), the gap in Vratsa
4: New cities: Plovdiv - Lovech - Vratsa
5: in Arbanassi Arbanassi Palace: do not be alarmed at this five star hotel to enter. Even if you're not a guest, you can still enjoy the wonderful view of Veliko Tarnovo. You just order a drink (no more than € 1.00) on their terrace.

August 14, 2009 - Kristof and Bart
Our holiday in Bulgaria was definitely a hit. Everything went so smoothly. The weather was fantastic!
Sofia is certainly worthwhile. Veliko Tarnovo is also very nice and picturesque.
Once we arrived in Rodina we enjoyed the quietness and surroundings the house has to offer. The location is superb with beautiful views and lots of green. You can really relax. We opted for a quiet holiday and that went pretty successful.
The house is practical, comfortable and nicely decorated. It offers all basic comfort.
A pleasant surprise was the tasty Bulgarian cuisine, and always at an affordable price. You can hardly believe, so inexpensive. Especially the white Muscat wine could tempt us.
We were very satisfied guests and will come back!
Kristof and Bart

July 30, 2009 - Jurgen, Mieke, Emilie, Niek and Ellen
Just back from your marvelous house. We had huge fun!
Travel (plane, rental car, finding the way ...) went super fast, thanks to your including information booklet. We had good weather, only one rainy day.
Our Ford has proven its services well: 1600 km! We have done everything: laying in the sun on the terrace, walking around in Rodina, a day swimming in Arbanasi, walking to the Emen Gorge, Veliko, Elena and Sofia. We also went to Varna for a three day visit in 'The Golden Sands. We ate well, went to clubs in Veliko and did many terraces... It was a relaxing holiday.
Driving to Rodina we had to get used to the abandoned houses, donkey carts and the Bulgarian roads! Shocking was the way Bulgarians drive!
The house is simple but very comfortable and clean. Everything you need is there. The views and large terrace are two major advantages!
We have all enjoyed the quietness of your vacation house. It is as if time has stood still. In the morning you wake up with the tinkling carts that pass by, the horse in the meadow. At night you fall asleep with the sound of the crickets singing in the background. The sun and moon rising and setting in the valley ... All images and sounds that we will remember ...
You asked for suggestions? The only thing we were thinking of are mirrors in all rooms and maybe a mobile air conditioning.
By the way neighbor Jordan paid us a visit. He asked if we wanted to help him. First, we did not understand why. But when he began to shake a tree and all plums fell down, we soon understood what he meant. We helped pick up the plums (two buckets) so he could make his raki. He promised us a bottle in 2010.
So, hopefully you are satisfied that we are satisfied.
Jurgen, Mieke, Emilie, Niek and Ellen

July 14, 2009 - family Balliu-Samaes
This summer we tried a family vacation with our little baby Lena (just under 1 year old). Since we live to the rhythm of our child we did not want to do many tourist things but only wanted to enjoy the peace and nature and each other. Bulgaria seemed to us the best destination.
After some surfing around we found a beautiful colonial house on the website '
At our arrival we were overwhelmed by the beautiful views from the terrace of the house. This was in one word magnificent!
The house, which is very authentic Bulgarian provides the basic comfort and hygiene and offered us the facilities that are important for the welfare of little Lena. The bedroom was fresh even with outside temperatures of 35° and more. It was dark and quiet, so our kid had great nights of sleep. The room was also well equiped with a custom baby cot with mosquito net. It was also clean.
During the day our girl had plenty of great time on the big inflatable mattress in the shade behind the house and she could play in the baby bath! A happy and content baby makes relaxed and happy parents!
In Veliko we could find baby food, pampers, clothes, toys, care ...
This holiday was great. We enjoyed it so much. We certainly will come back again!
Nathalie, Eddy and little Lena