Holiday Resort

Just 15 miles east of the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo you find the holiday resort Rodina, a picturesque little village where Bulgarian time stood still.

Local people salute the tourists deeply.

After work on their lands they take horse and cart to run their errands in the three local grocery stores. On their list are local wines, olive oil and fresh vegetables.

You can find five pubs and two little restaurants in Rodina.

From March till November people live more outside than inside their house.

Rodina has a short but hard winter.

In the beginning of March spring starts. Storks land on their nest. Temperatures rise quickly to 20° Celsius. Fields of sunflowers give colour to the scenery.

During summer temperatures are southern but in the evening it cools down nicely.

At the edge of the village of Rodina you will find our nice holiday resort we called ‘Velika Gledka’ on second street number 1.

This completely renovated home kept its unique Bulgarian style. Intimate rooms with traditional double windows, a southern style roof, a big terrace in Bulgarian natural stone, a wall around the property but especially a splendid view (‘Velika Gledka’ in Bulgarian) of the beautiful surroundings.

Around you will find a wide meadow (around 5200m²).

The house is equiped for five persons. We do not forget families with babies.

The house consists of:

ground floor:
- a set kitchen equiped with cooker, microwave/oven, coffee maker, ...
- a storeroom with refrigirator, freezer, washing machine, storage
- the living room with table and six chairs, bookshelf with stereo (usb/iPod connection)

first floor:
- two rooms with double bed, a nightstand, a dresser and a towel rack
- single bedroom with single bed, a nightstand, a dresser and a towel rack
- a corridor with rack for shower goodies
- a small bathroom with toilet and shower (+ baby bath)
- every room kept its original wooden floor

The facility of the house is moderate and quality, according to the lifestyle of Bulgarian people.

Around the house there is a path.

You have a terrace (50 square metres). It’s location is higher so you always have a splendid view on the property (which leans towards a small river), the nearby meadows and the valley.

On the terrace you will find garden furniture:
- wooden table and five chairs
- two deck chairs
- two sunbeds
- inflatable mattress
- a barbecue.

In the garden fruit trees and a grapefine grow. There is a hammock between the two apple trees.

There is plenty of space for kids to play. We have an inflatable pool (3,65m x 0,76h).

We allow domestic animals under certain conditions.